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This curriculum provides a plethora of ready-to-go classroom materials and is designed to engage a variety of learning styles.  All students learn differently, and these materials were created with that in mind.  Each unit features daily resources organized to provide the best flow for your students, "I Can" statement logs to track student understanding and progress, and a variety of hands-on materials including Crime Scene Investigations, literacy-based analysis, image and text analysis, classroom debates, simulations, and much more!

Spanning from the Progressive Era and Gilded Age through Modern Day, this entire course also features the most popular of my best-selling supplements.  Also included are differentiated primary source activities to provide just the right scaffolding for each student, 365 classroom warmups to get students ready to learn history, end-of-unit review games, and classroom Escape Rooms!  

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Browse the curriculum files below:

Click through each unit to view the list of included resources!

    1. BONUS: Progressive Era Guided Notes / PPT

    2. 1-Progressive 4 Issues KEY

    3. 1-Progressive 4 Issues

    4. 1-Progressive Problems GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    5. 2-Women's Suffrage GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 2-Women's Suffrage

    7. 2-Women's Suffrage KEY

    8. 3-What Would Emma Do

    9. 3-What Would Emma Do GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    10. 3-What Would Emma Do KEY

    11. 4-Rockefeller Hero or Villain

    12. 4-Rockefeller Hero Villain GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    13. 4-Rockefeller Key

    14. 5-Muckraker Magazine

    15. 5-Muckraker Magazine (Editable)

    16. 6-Tammany Hall

    17. 6-Tammany Hall GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    18. 6-Tammany Hall Key

    19. 7-New Nationalism

    20. 7-New Nationalism GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    21. 8-Robber Barons

    22. 8-Robber Barons Web Quest GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    23. 9-Booker T and WEB Du Bois


    25. 10-Progressive Era I Can Log

    26. 11-Progressive Era Assessment

    1. BONUS: US Imperialism Guided Notes / PPT

    2. 1-Custer Last Stand GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    3. 1-Little Bighorn and Custer WebQuest

    4. 2-What Happened at Wounded Knee

    5. 2-Wounded Knee GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 2-Wounded Knee PowerPoint

    7. 3-Spanish American War Notes

    8. 3-Spanish-American War PowerPoint

    9. 3-Spanish American War GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    10. 4-TR-Exhibit Sources

    11. 4-TR-Text and Handouts

    12. 4-Theodore Roosevelt GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    13. 5-Panama Canal

    14. 5-Panama Canal GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    15. 6-Annexation of Hawaii

    16. 6-Annexation of Hawaii GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    17. 7-Open Door Policy

    18. 7-Open Door Policy GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    19. 8-Lesser Known Imperialism

    20. 8-Lesser Known Imperialism GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    21. 9-White Mans Burden

    22. 9-White Mans Burden GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    23. 10-Imperialism Two Sides

    24. 10-Imperialism Two Sides GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    25. 11-U.S. Imperialism I Can Log

    26. 12-U.S. Imperialism Assessment

    1. BONUS: World War I Guided Notes / PPT

    2. 1-WWI Causes


    4. 2-Trench Warfare

    5. 2-Life in Trenches GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 3-Zimmerman Telegram

    7. 3-Zimmerman Telegram GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    8. 4-WWI 9 Events Webquest


    10. 5-CSI Gas Warfare


    12. 6-Wilson 14 Points

    13. 6-Wilson 14 Points GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    14. 7-Versailles

    15. 7-Treaty of Versailles GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    16. 8-World War 1 I Can Log

    17. 9-World War 1 Assessment

    1. BONUS: Roaring 20s and 1930s Guided Notes + PPT

    2. 1-Harlem Renaissance

    3. 1-Harlem Renaissance GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    4. 2-Prohibition GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    5. 2-Prohibition Webquest

    6. 3-Women's Suffrage GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    7. 3-Women's Suffrage

    8. 3-Womens Suffrage KEY


    10. 4-CSI Tulsa

    11. 5-Teapot Dome GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    12. 5-Teapot Dome Scandal


    14. 6-Red Scare

    15. 7-1920s Inventions

    16. 7-1920s Inventions KEY

    17. 7-1920s Inventions GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    18. 8-Market Crash

    19. 8-Great Depression GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    20. 9-FDR Dust Bowl

    21. 9-FDR Fireside Chat on Dust Bowl (Audio)


    23. 10-Roaring 20s I Can Log

    24. 11-Roaring 20s, 1930s Assessment

    1. BONUS: World War II Guided Notes / PPT

    2. 1-Rise of Germany Notes

    3. 1-Rise of Germany PowerPoint

    4. 1-Rise of Germany VIDEOS

    5. 1-Rise of Germany GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 2-WW2 Events Timeline

    7. 2-WW2 Major Events GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    8. 2-WW2 Events PowerPoint

    9. 3-Pearl Harbor Show

    10. 4-Date in Infamy Speech (Audio)

    11. 4-Infamy Speech

    12. 4-Date in Infamy GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    13. 5-WW2 Propaganda Comparison GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    14. 5-WW2 Propaganda

    15. 6-Holocaust 3 Activities GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    16. 7-Aftermath of A Bomb GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    17. 7-Aftermath of Atomic Bomb

    18. 8-Failures at Potsdam


    20. 9-World War 2 I Can Log

    21. 10-World War 2 Assessment

    1. BONUS: American Homefront During WW2 Guided Notes / PPT

    2. BONUS: Post War America Guided Notes / PPT

    3. 1-Home Front WW2 Project

    4. 1-Home Front WW2 Project GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    5. 2-Baby Boomers

    6. 2-Baby Boomers GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    7. 3-GI Bill and Growth of Suburbia


    9. 4-1950s v 1960s Culture

    10. 4-1950s v 1960s Culture Intro PPT

    11. 4-1950s v 1960s GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    12. 5-Music DBQ


    14. 6-Gender Roles Webquest

    15. 6-Gender Roles and Stereotypes GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    16. 7-Evolution Rock and Roll

    17. 7-Evolution of Rock and Roll GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    18. 8-Neil Armstrong Webquest

    19. 8-Neil Armstrong Webquest GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    20. 9-Post War Culture Assessment

    21. 10-Post War I Can

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