• Is this a subscription or a payment plan?

    No matter if you choose the one-time price or the 12 monthly installments, you will have unlimited access to the material without having to continue paying for it. Some services out there require you to pay monthly (forever) to maintain access, which means you never truly own the material. Not this. Once you've purchased, the material is yours to use forever.

  • How am I charged?

    If you choose the one-time price you pay all at once. If you choose the 12 monthly installments, you will be charged each month (either $35, $27, or $15) for 12 total months. After 12 installments, your payments cease and the material is yours, forever, with no continued payments or strings attached.

  • What is the best age range for your products?

    Good question. Teachers everywhere have found great success with my products in grades 5-8. However, student ability can vary quite a bit. With simple modifications, my products can be quite versatile in a higher or lower setting.

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple subscriptions per building?

    Absolutely. If you are looking to purchase the curriculum for multiple teachers in your building, please contact me directly (use the "message me" from the header) for discounted pricing.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of my products, refunds are not permitted. Please read through product descriptions (both here and on TpT), ask any question you have, and examine the reviews to see what others have said. I am confident you will be satisfied!

  • Can I use this with a colleague?

    Absolutely, however they will also need to purchase their own license. I am a real person, full-time teacher, father to three, and am committed to creating high-quality, engaging social studies resources. Please ensure you are playing by the rules, do the right thing, and contact me directly for special pricing if you'd like two or more licenses!

  • Should I purchase a complete curriculum here or on TpT?

    You can purchase it in either place, but purchasing here gives you some unique and personalized advantages. First, purchasing here gives you an easy-to-use dashboard where you can log-in, browse, and download whatever resource you need (whenever you need it). Second, only here will you receive comprehensive, guiding unit PowerPoints with guided notes for each unit (World History due out soon). These are complete with Teacher Guides to provide "break points" in the guided notes to stop and dive into one of my many hands-on activities that you are receiving! Third, only here will you have the ability to pay with a simple and easy payment plan. Each curriculum and supplement bundle offers a one-time price OR a 12-month price. You receive 100% access on day 1, and after your 12 month commitment has ended you still retain unlimited access. Finally, and perhaps the most popular advantage to purchasing here, is access to future releases with any Option 2 curriculum. Any new release that is added to this curriculum is yours. Whether you purchased 2 months or 2 years ago, you will have 100% access to new content. These are not features on TpT.