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✔ 13 complete American History units

✔ Engaging Crime Scene Investigation activities

✔ Hundreds of intrigue-designed lessons

✔ Google 1:1 ready resources

✔ Traditional interactive notebooks

✔ DIFFERENTIATED primary source lessons

✔ Native American resources and review games

✔ "I Can" statement logs to track learning

 100% Google Drive DIGITAL Notebooks

✘ "Who Am I" flash card sets

✘ 365 days of "On this Day in American History" warmups

✘ Engaging Holiday lessons 

✘ Escape Room breakout activities

✘ Ice-breaker games and class-starters

✘ Social Media biography templates

✘ Class posters, math and map integration

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The American History Complete Curriculum is an entire course curriculum, jam-packed with the most engaging and popular supplement items. These student-centered, engaging, and authentic activities are guaranteed to reenergize your classroom.  This curriculum has been tried, tested, and perfected, and these resources have been positively reviewed by over 30,000 teachers.  It is time to toss the textbook, skip the boring worksheet, and get students excited about history.

This curriculum provides a plethora of ready-to-go classroom materials, and is designed to engage a variety of learning styles.  All students learn differently, and these materials were created with that in mind.  Each unit features daily resources organized to provide the best flow for your students, "I Can" statement logs to track student understanding and progress, and a variety of hands-on materials including Crime Scene Investigations, literacy-based analysis, image and text analysis, classroom debates, simulations, and much more!

Spanning from Native Americans and the 13 Colonies to Reconstruction, this entire course also features the most popular of my best-selling supplements.  Infuse the traditional interactive notebooks to meet the needs of all learners.  Begin class with (or assign as enrichment) differentiated primary sources to provide just the right scaffolding for each student.  End units of study with one of my popular Trivia Challenge review games. Track student learning with the included "I Can" statement logs (and post the included posters in class), and enjoy access to the Native American bundle to teach about native tribes.

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Browse the curriculum files below:

Click through each unit to view the list of included resources!

  • 1

    13 Colonies Unit

    • BONUS: 13 Colonies Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 0-Conquistadors DBQ: How were they able to easily defeat the natives?

    • 0-Conquistadors GOOGLE Instructions

    • 1-CSI Lost Colony: What Happened to the Lost Colonists?

    • 1-CSI Lost Colony Key


    • 2-Jamestown Picture Sequencing

    • 2-Jamestown Picture Sequencing GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Jamestown Fort

    • 3-Jamestown Fort GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Jamestown Reading

    • 4-Jamestown Close Reading GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 5-Pilgrim Notes

    • 5-Pilgrim Notes PowerPoint

    • 5-Pilgrim Notes GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-The Puritan Faith

    • 6-Puritanism Religion DBQ

    • 7-13 Colonies Scavenger Hunt

    • 7-13 Colonies Scavenger Hunt GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 9-Quaker v Puritan: You might be...

    • 9-Quaker v Puritan GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 10-Compare Colony Regions Reading and Matrix

    • 10-Comparing Colony Regions GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 11-Middle Passage Exploration

    • 11-Middle Passage Exploration GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 12-Salem Witch Trials CSI Investigation

    • 12-Salem Witch Trials CSI Investigation GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 13-13 Colonies Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 14-13 Colonies Log (EDITABLE)

  • 2

    Causes of Revolutionary War Unit

    • 1-Enlightenment Stations (Locke, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Hobbes, Voltaire)

    • 1-Enlightenment Men GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-French and Indian War Role-Playing / Guided Notes / Matrix

    • 2-French and Indian War PowerPoint

    • 2-French and Indian War War key

    • 2-French and Indian War GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Guiding Unit PowerPoint: Time-lining Rev Period GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Timelines

    • 3-Time-lining Rev Period PowerPoint

    • 4-Analyzing Boston Massacre

    • 4-Boston Massacre GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral Scenario Activity

    • 4-Patriot Loyalist GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 5-Primary Sources in Revolutionary Period (Excerpted Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, etc.)

    • 5-Primary Sources Rev GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Sons of Liberty Picture Activity

    • 6-Sons of Liberty GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 7-Common Sense Excerpt Activity

    • 7-Common Sense GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-Ending Audio

    • 8-Patrick Henry Speech (Give me liberty)

    • 9-Paul Revere's Midnight Ride Timeline Prezi Activity

    • 9-Midnight Ride GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 10-Dec of Ind Scavenger Hunt GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 10-Declaration Scavenger Hunt

    • 11-Declaration "In your own words" Activity

    • 11-Declaration "In your own words" Key

    • 11-Declaration Own Words GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 12-Strengths and Weaknesses Web Quest

    • 12-Strengths and Weaknesses GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 12-Strengths and Weaknesses KEY

    • 13-Causes of Revolutionary War Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 14-Causes of Revolutionary War Log (EDITABLE)

    • BONUS: Causes of Rev War DBQ

    • BONUS: John Adams in BM

    • BONUS: Patriot and Loyalist Propaganda Assignment

    • BONUS: Enlightenment and Great Awakening Guided Notes

    • BONUS: Enlightenment and Great Awakening PowerPoint

    • BONUS: Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

    • BONUS: Stamp Act Resource

  • 3

    American Revolution Unit

    • 1-Strengths and Weaknesses Web Quest

    • 1-Strengths and Weaknesses Out GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Battle Graphic Organizers

    • 2-Battle Project Resources

    • 2-Battle Quiz

    • 2-Battle Project in Rev War GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-African Americans and Women in Rev War

    • 3-African Americans and Women in Rev War GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

  • 4

    US Constitution Unit

    • BONUS: US Constitution Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Are all governments Equal GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 1-Are All Governments Equal? Graphic Organizer Assignment

    • 2-Articles of Confederation Close Reading

    • 2-Articles of Confederation Close Reading GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Articles Confederation Instructions and Breakdown PowerPoint

    • 3-Shays' Rebellion Reading / Skit

    • 3-Shays Rebellion GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Four Compromises Text/Organizers/Prompt

    • 4-Four Compromises GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Four Compromises Breakdown PowerPoint

    • 5-Slavery in the US Constitution Web Quest

    • 5-Slavery in the US Constitution Web Quest GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Federalist v Anti Federalist Sources and Graphic Organizers

    • 6-Federalist v Anti Federalist Sources GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 7-Constitution Scavenger Hunt

    • 7-Constitution Scavenger Hunt GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-Understanding the Constitution Stations / Excerpt Activity

    • 8-Understanding the Constitution Stations GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 9-How Bills become Laws Competition (Student Guide, PowerPoint, Bill Number Sheet)

    • 10-27 Amendments Guided Notes / Crib Sheet

    • 10-27 Amendments GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 11-Which amendment was violated scenarios worksheet

    • 11-Which amendment was violated GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 12-Bill of Rights Current Events Activity

    • 12-Bill of Rights and Current Events GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 13-Electoral College Poster GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 14-Supreme Court Cases GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 14-Supreme Court Cases Webquest

    • 13-Electoral College Poster Project

    • 15-US Constitution Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 16-US Constitution Log (EDITABLE)

  • 5

    New Nation Unit (Washington & Adams)

    • BONUS: New Nation Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Inauguration Intro PowerPoint (video included)

    • 2-Hamilton's Financial Plan Guided Notes

    • 2-Hamilton's Financial Plan Lesson and PowerPoint

    • 2-Hamilton's Financial Plan GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Washington's Ways: Background Reading / Matrix of Washington's Foreign and Domestic Policies

    • 3-Washington's Ways: Background Reading / Matrix GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Washington's Ways Chart

    • 4-Land Ordinance and Northwest Territory Text Analysis / Township Activity

    • 4-Land Ordinance and Northwest Territory GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 5-Treaty of Greenville Mapping (3 Levels)

    • 5-Treaty of Greenville GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Should Washington support the British or French Propaganda Poster

    • 6-British or French Propaganda Evidence / Primary Source

    • 7-Washington's Farewell Text Analysis

    • 7-Washington Farewell GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-1796 Election Debate Script

    • 8-Election of 1796 Adams v Jefferson Webquest

    • 8-1796 Election Sim GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-1796 Election Debate Testimonial/Propaganda Roles

    • 8-1796 Election Debate Extra Resources

    • 9-XYZ Affair and Alien and Sedition Prezi

    • 9-XYZ Affair and Alien and Sedition Organizer


    • 10-Political Cartoon Assignment

    • 11-New Nation Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 12-New Nation Log (EDITABLE)

  • 6

    Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Unit

    • BONUS: Jefferson, Madison, & Monroe Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Marbury v Madison Guided Notes

    • 1-Marbury v. Madison Guided Notes PowerPoint

    • 1-Marbury v Madison Guided Notes GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Jefferson's Justifications Background Reading and Matrix

    • 2-Jefferson's Justifications GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Louisiana Territory Primary Source Investigation

    • 3-Louisiana Territory Investigation GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Louisiana Territory KEY

    • 4-Louisiana Territory Guided Notes and PowerPoint

    • 5-Jefferson Views Quotes Activity

    • 5-Jefferson Quotes GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 5-Jefferson Quotes Timeline

    • 6-War of 1812 Guided Reading / Organizer Notes

    • 6-War of 1812 GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-War of 1812 Lesson / Star Spangled Banner / PowerPoint

    • 7-Dolley Madison GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 7-Dolley Madison Saves The Day Source Analysis

    • 8-Monroe Doctrine GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-Monroe Doctrine Cartoon Picture Analysis and Prediction Video Activity

    • 9-Era of Good Feelings: Does it deserve its name? DBQ Documents

    • 9-Era of Good Feelings DBQ GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 10-Era of Good Feelings: Does it deserve its name? Guided Notes

    • 10-Era of Good Feelings PowerPoint

    • 10-Era of Good Feelings Guided Notes GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 11-Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Unit Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 12-Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Unit Log (EDITABLE) (New Nation Log)

  • 7

    Age of Jackson Unit Bundle

    • BONUS: Age of Jackson Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 0-Jackson Organizer

    • 0-Jackson Text for all Lessons

    • 0-Jackson Unit GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 1-Intro Text and PowerPoint

    • 2-Trail of Tears Lesson / PowerPoint

    • 3-Nullification Crisis Lesson / PowerPoint

    • 4-Bank War Lesson / PowerPoint

    • 5-Jackson Videos and Amazing Grace


    • 6-Jackson and Cherokee: What was their relationship like?

    • 7-Jackson and Expansion Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 7-Jackson and Expansion Log (EDITABLE)

  • 8

    Westward Expansion & Manifest Destiny Unit

    • BONUS: Westward Expansion Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Manifest Destiny Intro Guided Notes / Source Stations

    • 1-Manifest Destiny Intro GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 1-Manifest Destiny Intro PowerPoint

    • 2-Four Factors that encouraged Texan Independence

    • 2-Four Factors Texas GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Four Factors PowerPoint

    • 3-Mexican American War Causes DBQ

    • 3-Mexican American War Causes DBQ GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Texas Independence and Mexican American War Text and Graphic Organizer

    • 4-Texas Ind and Mex War Graphic Organizer GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 5-Mexican American War Textbook Bias Activity

    • 5-Mexican American War Textbook Bias Activity GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Gold Rush Investigation Stations


    • 6-Gold Rush Investigation KEY

    • 6-Gold Rush Shortened Questions Organizer

    • 7-Brigham Young Letter / Boxes / Creation of Utah

    • 7-Brigham Young GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 7-Brigham Young and Mormon Prezi

    • 8-Oregon Fever Short Reading and Web Organizer

    • 8-Oregon Fever GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 9-Oregon Trail Web Quest and Short Story Assignment Organizer

    • 9-Oregon Trail Short Story GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 10-Two Sides of Manifest Destiny

    • 10-Two Sides of Manifest Destiny GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 11-The Donner Party CSI Investigation: What Happened to the Donner Party?


    • 11-CSI Donner KEY

    • 12-Westward Expansion and Jackson Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 13-Westward Expansion and Jackson Log (EDITABLE)

  • 9

    Early Industry and Southern Economy Unit

    • BONUS: Industry and Market Economy Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Birth of Industry / Samuel Slater PowerPoint

    • 1-Introduction Poem Activity

    • 2-Examing Northern Immigration / Push Pull Factors / Data Set Stations

    • 2-Examing Northern Immigration GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Factory Conditions Lesson

    • 4-Labor Units Lesson / Skit / Reading / Videos

    • 5-Early Inventions Jigsaw

    • 5-Early Inventions Jigsaw GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 7-Middle Passage Exploration

    • 7-Middle Passage Exploration GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-Horrors of Slavery Stations and Student Question Sheets

    • 9-Industry Test

  • 10

    Age of Reform Unit

    • BONUS: Age of Reform Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Age of Reform Unit INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Age of Reform Unit Text and Questions

    • 2-Reformers Key

    • 3-Reformers Unit GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Declaration of Sentiments Excerpt / Evaluate Activity

    • 4-Declaration of Sentiments KEY

    • 4-Declaration of Sentiments Google Instructions

  • 11

    Sectionalism & Irreconcilable Period Unit Bundle

    • BONUS: Sectionalism and Irreconcilable Period Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Dred Scott Short Reading / Questions / Source Analysis


    • 2-Sumner Caning Video and Graphic Organizer

    • 2-Sumner Caning Video

    • 2-Sumner Caning GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Webster Hayne Debate Section Analysis / Chunked

    • 3-Webster Hayne Debate KEY

    • 3-Webster Hayne GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-The Two Sides of John Brown DBQ

    • 4-The Two Sides of John Brown DBQ Text


    • 5-Kansas Nebraska Act Short Reading / Lincoln and Douglas Speech Analysis

    • 5-Kansas-Nebraska Act GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Lecompton Constitution Activity


    • 7-Nat Turner Web Quest


    • 8-1850s Matching Assessment (EDITABLE)

  • 12

    Civil War Unit

    • BONUS: Civil War Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Common Craft Video Directions

    • 1-Common Craft Research Opportunities / Videos / PowerPoint

    • 2-Antebellum Map Analyzing GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Antebellum Map Web Quest

    • 4-Election of 1860

    • 4-Election of 1860 GOOGLE VERSION

    • 5-Civil War Data

    • 5-Civil War Data GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses Guided Notes

    • 6-Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses Guided Notes PowerPoint

    • 7-Why Did We Fight? GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 7-Why Did We Fight? Source analysis from those who enlisted

    • 8-African American Heroes

    • 8-African American Heroes GOOGLE

    • 9-Civil War Battle Mapping

    • 9-Battle Mapping GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 9-Battle Mapping PowerPoint

    • 10-Civilian Life During Civil War Stations GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 10-Civilian Life During Civil War Stations Activity

    • 11-Gettysburg Address Primary Source

    • 11-Gettysburg Address GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 12-Civil War Baseball

    • 13-Lincoln DBQ


    • 14-Civil War Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 15-Civil War Log (EDITABLE)

  • 13

    Reconstruction Unit

    • BONUS: Reconstruction Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    • 1-Which Reconstruction Plan Was Best? GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 1-Which Reconstruction Plan Was Best? 3 Document Comparison

    • 2-Wade Davis Plan


    • 3-The Reconstruction Amendments Gallery / Cartoon

    • 3-Reconstruction Amendments GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-The Black Codes Exercepted Summarizing


    • 5-Johnson Impeachment Guided Notes PowerPoint

    • 5-Johnson Impeachment Guided Notes

    • 5-Johnson Impeachment GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-Ku Klux Klan Source Stations / Organizer / Prompt

    • 6-Ku Klux Klan Source Stations / Organizer / Prompt GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 6-KKK Docs KEY

    • 7-Sharecropping Contract: How UNFAIR can you get?

    • 7-Sharecropping GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 8-Lincoln CSI Investigation: The Assassination of Lincoln


    • 8-Lincoln CSI KEY

    • 9-Jim Crow Short Reading / Excerpt / Black Code Comparison Matrix


    • 10-Reconstruction Assessment (EDITABLE)

    • 11-Reconstruction Log (EDITABLE)

  • 14

    American History Interactive Notebooks

    • 1-13 Colonies

    • 2-Revolutionary Period

    • 3-Constitution

    • 4-New Nation

    • 5-Jackson

    • 6-Westward Expansion

    • 7-Industry and Reform

    • 8-Sectionalism

    • 9-Civil War

    • 10-Reconstruction

  • 15

    American History DIFFERENTIATED Primary Sources

    • 1-13 Colonies Primary Sources

    • 1-13 Colonies Primary Sources KEY

    • 2-Rev Period Primary Sources

    • 2-Rev Period Primary Sources KEY

    • 3-Constitution Primary Sources

    • 3-Constitution Primary Sources KEY

    • 4-New Nation Primary Sources

    • 4-New Nation Primary Sources KEY

    • 5-Jackson Primary Sources

    • 5-Jackson Primary Sources KEY

    • 6-Westward Expansion Primary Sources

    • 6-Westward Expansion Primary Sources KEY

    • 7-Industry Reform Primary Sources

    • 7-Industry Reform KEY

    • 8-Sectionalism Primary Sources

    • 8-Sectionalism KEY

    • 9-Civil War Primary Sources

    • 9-Civil War Primary Sources KEY

    • 10-Reconstruction Primary Sources

    • 10-Reconstruction Primary Sources KEY

  • 16

    American History Trivia Challenge Review Games

    • 0-Trivia Challenge Instructions

    • 0-Trivia Challenge Game Sounds

    • 1-Colonization Review

    • 2-Revolutionary War Review

    • 3-US Constitution Review

    • 4-New Nation Review

    • 5-Age of Jackson Review

    • 6-Industry and Reform Review

    • 7-Westward Expansion Review

    • 8-Sectionalism and Civil War Review

    • 9-Reconstruction Review

  • 17

    Native American Resource Bundle

    • 1-Bering Land Bridge Background Reading / Activity / Project

    • 1-Bering Land Bridge GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 2-Iroquois Confederacy Constitution vs. US Constitution DBQ

    • 2-Iroquois Confederacy GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 3-Native American Current Issues

    • 3-Native American Current Issues GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 4-Native Tribes Text Stations

    • 4-Native Tribes Graphic Organizer

    • 4-Native American Tribal Jigsaw GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    • 5-Natives Treatment from English and French: How were they different?

    • 5-Natives and British and French GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

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American History Complete Curriculum

Red P.

Wow, I am so glad that I bought this at the start of the school year! It's my first time teaching U.S. history, and I use these lessons to breathe life into my district curriculum activities. Some of these (like the Constitution scavenger hunt) also make awesome pre-planned sub activities. Even though I don't use every activity, I consider it money well-spent to know I have all these lessons ready to go if and when I want them. This packet has been a life-saver!

American History Complete Curriculum

Daniel M.

Lots of hands on activities that engage students and allow them to take charge of their own learning. Great, quality product!

American History Complete Curriculum

Brandy C.

Thank you for this! As a newbie it's a life-saver! The activities are engaging and provide excellent content. :-)

American History Complete Curriculum

Stephanie A.

I LOVE how organized and thorough these units and lessons are. Can't wait to use them in class!

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