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The World History Source Subscription (WHSS) is an ongoing, affordable, monthly subscription service designed to help teachers focus on improving reading, writing, and analytical skills in their history classroom.  After years of working in the classroom, and after years of listening to teachers, I have found that our students need more access to complex texts, higher-level questioning, and debate-oriented activities.  This brand new service is designed to help teachers meet those needs.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee each month, you receive a new World History primary or secondary source activity each week designed to build the skills of your students (check out American History here).  It is time to challenge students with primary source excerpts, images, speeches, data sets, and much more.  As an added bonus, each fourth release is in the comparative DBQ format.  Students receive two separate sources, an overarching question, and a final prompt to justify their stance and put forth their best evidence.  

To make this even more helpful for teachers, each activity is 100% editable.  That's right -- you will have the ability to make changes to best meet the needs of your students.  Want to omit certain questions, add more context, or modify the wording?  That won't be a problem.

Finally, the affordability of this program makes it an absolute no-brainer.  Each monthly subscription begins with a 100% free trial that lasts for your entire first month (that means the first four weeks are free).  Then, for just $3.99 a month, you gain access to new, ongoing, weekly releases that will fill a real need in your classroom.  Pay for the entire year up-front to save an additional 10%!

What can you expect?

  • Weekly Releases

    Each week you receive access to a new primary or secondary source activity to teach close-reading, analysis, and critical thinking of images, text, and excerpts. Each fourth release is DBQ focused: students receive two sources to evaluate and answer an overarching, final prompt.

  • Entirely Editable

    Each weekly release is entirely editable. While each activity is designed to grow student learning, we realize there are times when you might want to make changes. As a result, you'll have that flexibility with each release.

  • Extremely Affordable

    This program is extremely affordable for any teacher. For less than the price of a cup of coffee each month, you gain access to weekly releases to grow and push your students. Or, save an additional 10% by purchasing an annual subscription.

Enjoy a new release each week - and a short DBQ analysis activity each fourth release!

(Your FREE trial includes access to weeks 1-4!)

  • 1

    World History Weeks 1-4 (FREE TRIAL)

    • 1: World History: Plutarch

    • 2: World History: Napoleon Bonaparte

    • 3: World History: Winston Churchill

    • 4: World History DBQ: How was European Imperialism portrayed?

  • 2

    World History Weeks 5-8

    • 5: World History: Storming of the Bastille Prison

    • 6: World History: The Kensington Runestone

    • 7: World History: Casualties of War Analysis

    • 8: World History DBQ: Locke vs Hobbes - Which idea of mankind do you most agree with?

  • 3

    World History Weeks 9-12

    • 9: World History: The Spread of the Black Death

    • 10: World History: Niccolò Machiavelli

    • 11: World History: Jonathan Swift

    • 12: World History DBQ: World War II Propaganda - Which type is most effective?

  • 4

    World History Weeks 13-16

    • 13: World History: The Treaty of Nanking

    • 14: World History: Rubén Darío

    • 15: World History: Mao Zedong

    • 16: World History DBQ: Which revolution was more justified?

  • 5

    World History Weeks 17-20

    • 17: World History: The Aztec Hierarchy

    • 18: World History: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

    • 19: World History: The Tale of Gilgamesh

    • 20: World History DBQ: Confucianism and Leadership - Does attitude and behavior reflect leadership?

  • 6

    World History Weeks 21-24

    • 21: World History: Hammurabi's Code

    • 22: World History: Xerxes at Hellespont

    • 23: World History: The Tang Dynasty

    • 24: World History DBQ: Do ancient letters show the same emotion?

  • 7

    World History Weeks 25-28

    • 25: World History: The Japanese Constitution

    • 26: World History: Filial Piety

    • 27: World History: Baghdad

    • 28: World History DBQ: Did Anne Boleyn deserve a fair trial?

  • 8

    World History Weeks 29-32

    • 29: World History: The Empire of Alexander the Great

    • 30: World History: Map Analysis of Portuguese Exploration

    • 31: World History: The Zimmerman Telegram

    • 32: World History DBQ: What similarities exist between the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Man?

  • 9

    World History Weeks 33-36

    • 33: World History: Christopher Columbus Diary

    • 34: World History: Opium War Letter

    • 35: World History: Athenian Military Oath

    • 36: World History DBQ: Which Map is More Accurate?

  • 10

    World History Weeks 37-40

    • 37: World History: Invasions of the Roman Empire

    • 38: World History: Marco Polo Diary

    • 39: World History: Zheng He's Final Voyage

    • 40: World History DBQ: What impact did the Spanish Empire have on the New World?

  • 11

    World History Weeks 41-44

    • 41: World History: The Tale of Heike

    • 42: World History: A Description of Charlemagne

    • 43: World History: An account of Cambodia

    • 44: World History DBQ: Why are areas of the world more densely populated than others?

  • 12

    World History Weeks 45-48

    • 45: World History: The Magna Carta

    • 46: World History: Song of Roland

    • 47: World History: Triumph of Death Painting Analysis

    • 48: World History DBQ: How did humanism advance the world?

  • 13

    World History Weeks 49-52

    • 49: World History: Mansa Musa

    • 50: World History: The Bayeux Tapestry (Battle of Hastings)

    • 51: World History: Castro Enters Havana

    • 52: World History DBQ: What differences exist between Renaissance or Medieval Art?

How do I sign up?

Subscribe for only $3.99 a month, or save an additinal 10% with a yearly membership!

What questions do I receive the most?

  • Is this really only $3.99 a month?

    Yep -- only $3.99 per month. This means you'll get access to a new primary and secondary source analysis activity each week (with the fourth in each set a DBQ style activity to further promote critical thinking).

  • How do you envision teachers will use this product?

    History and social studies teachers are always looking for ways to improve the analytical skills of their students. That need inspired the creation for this product. We envision teachers using these releases in a number of ways. Teachers might dedicate one day each week to skill-development; each Friday, for example, classes investigate a new source for part of the class period. Teachers might use these as "challenge" activities where student teams compete to provide the most well-rounded DBQ response. Using as part of an enrichment, "genius hour", or choice period would also be perfect.

  • Which day of the week is the next product made available?

    You'll gain access each week based on the day of the week you purchase. For example, if you purchase on a Sunday, you'll gain access to new releases on Sundays.

  • Do you offer licensing for multiple teachers or entire departments?

    Absolutely! I have many teachers that integrate these activities individually, as well as several school districts who want these available to all of their history or language arts teachers. To receive a custom quote, contact me directly at cale@historywithmre.com!

  • Can I gain access to all of the source analysis activities at once?

    Unfortunately, no. You can see what is coming up though based on the release schedule :).

  • Can I unsubscribe when I want?

    You can, but we are convinced that you'll love the value and quality so much that you'll stick around :).

  • Just wanted to double-check -- these are editable, correct?

    Yep. Weekly releases made available in this program are 100% editable so you tweak things if necessary.

  • Will these be added to your full-year curriculum products?

    No, these are separate from my history curriculum products (but quality is the same).