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✔ 11 complete World History units

✔ Engaging Crime Scene Investigation activities

✔ Hundreds of intrigue-designed lessons

✔ Google 1:1 ready resources

✔ Traditional interactive notebooks

✔ DIFFERENTIATED primary source lessons

✔ Geography and map skill-building activities

✔ "I Can" statement logs to track learning

✔ 100% Google Drive DIGITAL Notebooks

✔ "Who Am I" flash card sets

✔ 365 days of "On this Day in World History" warmups

✔ Engaging Holiday lessons 

✔ Escape Room breakout activities

✔ Ice-breaker games and class-starters

✔ Social Media biography templates

✔ "Why Study History" class posters 

The World History Complete Curriculum PLUS is an all-inclusive entire course jam-packed with student-centered, engaging, and authentic activities are guaranteed to reenergize your classroom.  This curriculum has been tried, tested, and perfected, and these resources have been positively reviewed by over 30,000 teachers.  It is time to toss the textbook, skip the boring worksheet, and get students excited about history.

This curriculum provides over 25 units and bundles of materials, and is designed to engage a variety of learning styles.  All students learn differently, and these materials were created with that in mind.  Each unit features daily resources organized to provide the best flow for your students, "I Can" statement logs to track student understanding and progress, and a variety of hands-on materials including Crime Scene Investigations, intrigue-designed analysis, engaging image and text assignments, and geography skill-building projects. Social media biography templates, editable unit exams, essay rubrics, ice-breaker activities, games, and much more!

Spanning from Early Man, Ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia to the Renaissance and Mesoamerica, this entire course also features all of my best-selling supplements.  Infuse the traditional or digital interactive notebooks and differentiated primary sources seamlessly to challenge all learners.  Be prepped for the holidays with fun hands-on resources. Integrate daily "On This Day in World History" warmups to start (or end) class.  Challenge all learners with differentiated primary source warmups. Change the pace with great team-building Escape Room activities, easily integrate geography with easy-to-use skill-building activities, and much, much more.  

Read below to view the plethora of units and bundles, and the thousands of pages of resourcesthat are included in the PLUS curriculum. It is easy to see why this bundle is the most-popular, best-selling curriculum out there.

Yes!  The same great resources are available in either place.  However, purchasing here gives you some unique and personalized advantages.

First, purchasing here gives you an easy-to-use dashboard where you can log-in, browse, and download whatever resource you need (whenever you need it).  The organization is supreme to what TpT offers (you would just download one large zip file).

Second, only here will you receive comprehensive, guiding unit PowerPoints with guided notes for each unit. These are complete with Teacher Guides to provide "break points" in the guided notes to stop and dive into one of my many hands-on activities that you are receiving!  Again, this is an added bonus to purchasing here.

Third, only here will you have the ability to pay with a simple and easy payment plan. Each curriculum and supplement bundle offers a one-time price OR a 12-month price.  You receive 100% access on day 1, and after your 12 month commitment has ended you still retain unlimited access.

Finally, if you choose the PLUS curriculum, you receive unlimited access to future releases.  Any new release relating to the curriculum will be added to the PLUS curriculum at no additional charge.  Whether you purchased 2 months or 2 years ago, you will have 100% access to new content.  That is not a feature on TpT.

What can you expect?

Along with top-quality, engaging resources, you can rely on...

  • Google 1:1 Compatibility

    Hundreds of lessons throughout come with compatible Google versions so you can take advantage of the 1:1 resources at no additional charge. Save time and paper by having students type directly into Google Docs or Slides. Either print now or assign digitally!

  • Quick Customer Service

    Sometimes you have questions. I am always easy to reach (and fast to respond). I pride myself in a guaranteed 24-hour response time to handle any concern or technical difficulty you may have. Truth be told, most responses are made in just few minutes!

  • On-Going Support

    My products have been tweaked, tested, and perfected to create the best student experience. Resources are constantly updated, and your purchase guarantees you future access to these new updates. Buy with confidence knowing you will be supported after purchase!

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    $399.99World History Complete Curriculum PLUS

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Browse the curriculum files below:

Click through each unit to view the list of included resources!

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Kelli C.

Complete World Complete Curriculum PLUS

Kelli C.

I use this product and love it. I know it is expensive, but my school doesn't really have history textbooks. Making the switch to 6th grade I knew I would need a curriculum so I purchased this. It was and is a lifesaver!
Ryan F.

Complete World Complete Curriculum PLUS

Ryan F.

First year teaching World History and US History in middle school and these resources have been so helpful and a huge hit in class. Thanks Mr. E
Rachael L.

Complete World Complete Curriculum PLUS

Rachael L.

This is going to make my Ancient Civilizations class more active and engaging. Each of the activities is set up for various learning styles and easily differentiated. I cannot wait for this school year to begin!
Evangelina S.

Complete World Complete Curriculum PLUS

Evangelina S.

This has so many resources! One of my favorite sellers on TPT because the lessons are so interactive and comprehensive. You'll be able to reach your students on many different levels.

This resource is for use by one teacher only. If a co-worker loves my material, please give them the link to purchase their own curriculum. Additional teachers must purchase their own curriculum.  

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