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✔ Traditional interactive notebooks

✔ 100% digital Google Drive interactive notebooks

✔ Differentiated primary sources activities

✔ 365 days of "On this Day in World History" warmups

✔ Escape Room breakout team-building activities

✔ 6 sets of "Who Am I" flash cards

✔ Quick and responsive customer service

The World History Supplement Bundle is perfect for teachers who are satisfied with their base curriculum and are looking for ways to enhance what they already do.  This convenient package bundles together my most popular supplements to provide teachers a variety of tools to transform their classroom.

In this bundle you receive traditional interactive notebooks to teach and enhance content from Ancient Greece and Rome through the Renaissance, 100% digital Google Drive notebooks for 10 World History units, 10 sets of differentiated primary source warmups and skill-building exercises, 6 sets of "Who Am I" flash cards, 365-days of "On this Day in World History" daily warmups, and a variety of best-selling Escape Room breakout activities.

You'll be amazed how adding in these fun resources will revolutionize your classroom.  Read below to view the different units included in the supplement bundle!

What can you expect?

Along with top-quality, engaging resources, you can rely on...

  • Quick Customer Service

    Sometimes you have questions. I am always easy to reach (and fast to respond). I pride myself in a guaranteed 24-hour response time to handle any concern or technical difficulty you may have. Truth be told, most responses are made in just few minutes!

  • On-Going Support

    My products have been tweaked, tested, and perfected to create the best student experience. Resources are constantly updated, and your purchase guarantees you future access to these new updates. Buy with confidence knowing you will be supported after purchase!

  • A Changed Classroom

    By bringing in new, engaging content you can rest assured you are making a difference. Not only will you see more positive interaction with your students, but so will parents and administrators.

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Browse the curriculum files below:

Click through each unit to view the list of included resources!

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Emily A.

World History Interactive Notebook Bundle! 10 Notebooks for World History!

Emily A.

Excellent supplement material for my world history class. We used Interactive Notebooks on Fridays and this was an excellent resource.
Melissa G.

World History DIGITAL Interactive Notebook Bundle! 10 Notebooks World History!

Melissa G.

This is am amazing interactive notebook that I can use with my special education students.
Emily B.

World History Primary Source Bundle! 112 DIFFERENTIATED Warmups in World History

Emily B.

What a wonderful product, highlighting primary sources!

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