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✔ 11 complete World History units

✔ Engaging Crime Scene Investigation activities

✔ Hundreds of intrigue-designed lessons

✔ Google 1:1 ready resources

✔ Traditional interactive notebooks

✔ DIFFERENTIATED primary source lessons

✔ Geography and map skill-building activities

✔ "I Can" statement logs to track learning

✘ 100% Google Drive DIGITAL Notebooks

✘ "Who Am I" flash card sets

✘ 365 days of "On this Day in World History" warmups

✘ Engaging Holiday lessons 

✘ Escape Room breakout activities

✘ Ice-breaker games and class-starters

✘ Social Media biography templates

✘ "Why Study History" class posters

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The World History Complete Curriculum is an entire course curriculum, jam-packed with the most engaging and popular supplement items. These student-centered, engaging, and authentic activities are guaranteed to reenergize your classroom.  This curriculum has been tried, tested, and perfected, and these resources have been positively reviewed by over 30,000 teachers.  It is time to toss the textbook, skip the boring worksheet, and get students excited about history.

This curriculum provides a plethora of ready-to-go classroom materials, and is designed to engage a variety of learning styles.  All students learn differently, and these materials were created with that in mind.  Each unit features daily resources organized to provide the best flow for your students, "I Can" statement logs to track student understanding and progress, and a variety of hands-on materials including Crime Scene Investigations, literacy-based analysis, image and text analysis, scavenger hunts, student projects, graphic organizers , and much more!

Spanning from Early Man, Ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia to Ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, Ancient India, China, Japan, Renaissance and Mesoamerica, this entire course also features some of my most-popular and best-selling supplements.  Infuse the traditional interactive notebooks to meet the needs of all learners.  Begin class with (or assign as enrichment) differentiated primary sources to provide just the right scaffolding for each student.  Teach the full-scope of geography concepts, the five themes, longitude and latitude, and map skills with the included geography products and map skill-builders. Track student learning with the included "I Can" statement logs (and post the included posters in class), and enjoy access to the Native American bundle to teach about native tribes.

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Second, only here will you receive comprehensive, guiding unit PowerPoints with guided notes for each unit. These are complete with Teacher Guides to provide "break points" in the guided notes to stop and dive into one of my many hands-on activities that you are receiving!  Again, this is an added bonus to purchasing here.

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Browse the curriculum files below:

Click through each unit to view the list of included resources!

    1. BONUS: Early Man Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    2. 1-Neanderthal v Cro Magnon Text and Activity: Who was better fit?

    3. 1-Neanderthal v Cro Magnon GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    4. 2-Epochs of History Stations / Questions

    5. 2-Epochs of History Timeline Graphic Organizer

    6. 2-Epochs of History GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    7. 3-Stonehenge Student Web Quest

    8. 3-Stonehenge Brochure Assignment

    9. 3-Stonehenge Webquest GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    10. 4-Agricultural Revolution Guided Text and Menu Assignment

    11. 4-Agricultural Revolution GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    12. 5-Bering Land Bridge Student Text / Questions / Essay / Project

    13. 5-Bering Land Bridge GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    14. 6-Modern Science and Early Man Articles and Questions

    15. 6-Modern Science and Early Man GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    16. 6-Modern Science and Early Man Audio Files

    17. 7-Early Man I Can Log

    18. 8-Early Man QUIZ

    1. BONUS: Mesopotamia & Ancient Egypt Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    2. 1-Book of the Dead (3 Sections Guided Image Analysis / 5 Step Organizer)

    3. 1-Book of the Dead GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    4. 2-King Tut Crime Scene Investigation: Was King Tut Murdered?

    5. 2-King Tut Crime Scene Investigation GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 3-Daily Life in Egypt / Stations and Gallery / Organizer

    7. 3-Daily Life Egypt GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    8. 4-Ancient Egypt Inventions Stations / Final Prompt

    9. 4-Ancient Egypt Inventions GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    10. 5-Pharaohs Timeline Activity

    11. 5-Pharaohs GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    12. 6-Birth of the Hebrews Text / Questions / Student Game


    14. 7-Hammurabi Web Quest

    15. 8-River Valley Civilizations Texts and Timeline Organizer Matrix

    16. 8-River Valley Civilizations GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    17. 9-Standard of Ur (3 Versions / Organizer / Final Prompt)

    18. 9-Standard of Ur GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    19. 9-Standard of Ur Visual (PowerPoint)

    20. 11-Egypt I Can Log (EDITABLE)

    21. 10-Egypt and Mesopotamia Assessment (EDITABLE)

    1. BONUS: Ancient India Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    2. 1-Breaking News Ancient Cities Discovered / Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro Text and Graphic Organizer

    3. 1-Breaking News Harappa GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    4. 2-Aryan Invasion Short Reading / Questions

    5. 2-Caste Pyramid GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 2-Aryans Reading and the Caste System Organizer

    7. 3-Buddhism v Hinduism Guided Notes PowerPoint

    8. 2-Caste Pyramid PowerPoint for Visual

    9. 3-Buddhism and Hinduism GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    10. 3-Buddhism Hinduism Guided Notes

    11. 4-Ashoka and Spread of Buddhism Gallery Stations

    12. 4-Ashoka and Buddhism GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    13. 5-Fact-checking the Maurya and Gupta Empires Worksheet

    14. 5-Maurya and Gupta Empires GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    15. 6-Gupta Achievements Evaluating Organizer and Station Text

    16. 6-Gupta Achievements GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    17. 7-India Geography Guided Notes

    18. 7-India Geography, Climate, and Monsoon PowerPoint

    19. 7-Story of the Half Drowned Sailor

    20. 7-India Geography and Monsoon GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    21. 8-Ancient India Assessment (EDITABLE)

    22. 9-Ancient India Log (EDITABLE)

    1. BONUS: Ancient China Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    2. 1-China Geography Text Stations and Organizer

    3. 1-China Geography GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    4. 2-Chinese Dynasties Text and Timeline

    5. 2-Chinese Dynasties GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 3-Ancient China Philosophies Text / Guided Notes

    7. 3-Ancient China Philosophies GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    8. 3-Philosophies PPT

    9. 4-Comparing Philosophies Source Analysis

    10. 4-Comparing Philosophies GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    11. 5-Oh Confucius, What Did You Mean Quote Analysis

    12. 5-Oh Confucius, What Did You Mean GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    13. 6-Oh Laozi, What Did You Mean Quote Analysis

    14. 6-Oh Laozi, What Did You Mean GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    15. 7-Silk Road Text Gallery

    16. 7-Silk Road Graphic Organizer (Map)

    17. 7-Silk Road Graphic Organizer KEY


    19. 8-Ancient China Assessment (EDITABLE)

    20. 9-Ancient China Log (EDITABLE)

    1. BONUS: Ancient Greece Guiding PowerPoint and Guided Notes

    2. 1-Greek Geography Text Stations and Organizer

    3. 1-Greece Geography GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    4. 2-Minoans Mycenaeans Article and Graphic Organizer Chart

    5. 2-Minoans Key

    6. 2-Minoans Mycenaeans GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    7. 3-Profiling a Polis Organizer Guided Notes

    8. 3-Profiling Polis GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    9. 4-Greeks 4 Governments Chart and Text

    10. 4-Four Greece Governments Filmstrip

    11. 4-Greece Government Video Links

    12. 4-Greece Governments GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    13. 5-Greece Government Mythbusters Gallery

    14. 5-Greece Mythbusters GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    15. 6-Persian Wars Guided Reading

    16. 6-Persian Wars GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    17. 7-Athens Sparta Notes and Sources Stations

    18. 7-Athens Sparta GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    19. 7-Athens Sparta PPT

    20. 9-Peloponnesian War Web Quest

    21. 9-Peloponnesian War GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    22. 10-Greece Golden Age Cultural Stations

    23. 10-Greece Culture Qs and Key

    24. 10-Greece Stations GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    25. 11-Alexander the Great Document Analysis

    26. 11-Alexander the Great DBQ GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    27. 12-Hippocratic Oath: Comparing then to now

    28. 12-Hippocratic Oath GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    29. 12-Hippocratic Oath KEY

    30. 13-Plato Government: Which he think was best?

    31. 13-Plato Government GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    32. 14-Ancient Greece Assessment (EDITABLE)

    33. 15-Ancient Greece Log (EDITABLE)

    34. (BONUS) The Lost City of Atlantis CSI Investigation: What Happened to the Lost City

    35. Lost City of Atlantis CSI KEY

    36. Lost City of Atlantis CSI GOOGLE

    1. (BONUS) Ancient Rome Guided Unit Notes

    2. 1-Expansion of Rome Timeline

    3. 1-Expansion of Ancient Rome Text

    4. 1-Rome Expansion GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    5. 2-Rules of Roman Republic GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    6. 2-Rules of the Roman Republic Stations and Text Questions

    7. 3-Twelve Tables Activity

    8. 3-Twelve Tables GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    9. 4-Punic Wars Guided Notes

    10. 4-Punic Wars Guided Notes PowerPoint

    11. 4-Punic Wars GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    12. 5-Roman Emperor Info for Timeline

    13. 5-Roman Emperor Timeline

    14. 5-Roman Emperors GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    15. 6-Fall of Rome: What Caused the Fall of Rome?

    16. 6-Fall of Rome Final Prompt (EDITABLE)

    17. 6-Fall of Rome DBQ GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    18. 7-Roman Cultural Legacy and Student Organizer

    19. 7-Louvre Brochure

    20. 7-Rome Culture GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    21. 8-Roman Myth Trading Cards Template

    22. 8-Roman Myth Trading Cards GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    23. 9-Spread of Christianity Web Quest

    24. 9-Rise of Christianity Web Quest GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    25. 10-Direct Democracy or Republic: Which is which?

    26. 10-Dem v Repub GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    27. 11-Differences in Life: How was ancient life different from modern?

    28. 11-Differences in Life GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

    29. 12-Caesar CSI Investigation


    31. 13-Ancient Rome Assessment (EDITABLE)

    32. 14-Ancient Rome Log (EDITABLE)

    33. (BONUS) 16-Life as a Gladiator Text

    34. (BONUS) 16-Gladiator GOOGLE INSTRUCTIONS

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